Detroit Lions added to enhanced COVID-19 protocols by NFL

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The Detroit Lions are 1-11-1 heading into their Sunday matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, and after last week’s blowout loss, they are still battling illnesses in the team’s locker room. From the flu to COVID-19 positive tests, the Lions have had their fair share of issues.

Last weekend the Detroit Lions had to strap up and head into the game with minimal support from the bench with missing players all over. But now, heading into Week 15, they have more positive tests and were put into enhanced COVID-19 protocols.

The NFL is certainly not fooling around with this, looking to avoid a massive outbreak or at least contain the issues that they currently have. There are multiple teams that have been put into enhanced protocols, not just the Lions organization.

As the Lions go into these enhanced protocols, they have to up their vigilance and go through things with a different set of precautions. With different sets of procedures and safety measures in place, it’s going to make things a little tougher to get football activities.

Under direction from the NFL, the Detroit Lions must follow enhanced COVID-19 protocols.

The article linked above from the Detroit Free Press noted how the Lions have already been operating under “their own” type of enhanced protocols after last week’s flu outbreak that ran through the team’s locker room.

But when it comes to the Lions and the enhanced protocols, they will have to continue to hold socially-distanced meetings, enforce mask-wearing for those vaccinated and unvaccinated. It’s another layer of adversity for this Lions team that has been fighting an uphill battle this whole season.

The Lions injury report had six players who did not practice and five who were limited, so it’s better than it was ahead of Week 14, but there’s still got to be some worry about additions as the week goes on.

While the Lions were able to avoid any new positive tests on Wednesday, there are still some hurdles to get over before the team is in good shape for Sunday.

Sunday is going to be a tough matchup as it is now, but the Lions being healthy has been challenging for them all year. Whether it was COVID-19 protocols or season-ending injuries, it feels like there was a real injury bug that made its home in the Lions locker room.

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The Lions will have to be careful this week to avoid anything spreading and making things tough for their matchup this Sunday against the Cardinals.