Detroit Tigers: Riley Greene jumps Spencer Torkelson in prospect rankings

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As the Detroit Tigers continue to navigate the murky waters of this work stoppage, various sports media outlets have been continuing to push content. For CBS Sports, it was a good opportunity to drop their prospect pipeline rankings ahead of the 2022 season.

That being said, the Detroit Tigers had two players make their top 20 prospects. It’s no shock which ones made it, with Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson being on the list. The biggest surprise and shock comes from where these two were ranked on the list.

Greene has surpassed Torkelson in the rankings, which is shocking. Greene came in at sixth on the list, and Torkelson was eighth on the list. It’s insane to think that Torkelson was able to pass him up in the rankings when Torkelson was the first overall pick.

While they’re both going to be incredible prospects, it was interesting to see Greene make the leap in the prospect rankings. The thing to remember here is that these rankings are courtesy of CBS Sports, so the MLB dot com rankings could vary when those come out.

According to MLB dot com’s Top 100 list from the end of the 2021 season, Torkelson is fourth, and Greene is seventh, which seems a bit more on par. But for CBS sports, they felt different, and it brings up an interesting point.

Detroit Tigers’ Riley Greene jumps Spencer Torkelson in prospect rankings.

Greene, the former draft pick out of high school, is going to be a very toolsy left-handed power-hitting outfielder. He’s going to slot into the Tigers outfield and wind up being one of the team’s core members moving forward.

Torkelson is going to be one of the best hitters in this team’s lineup day in and day out. His hit and power tools are incredibly exciting and going to be something to look forward to for years to come. As the Tigers start building their roster for years to come, these two are going to become a staple.

But Greene jumping Torkelson says something about the different talent evaluators and their opinions of these prospects. The Tigers know that both of these prospects are going to be great; the question is which one is going to be better.

I am holding firm that Torkelson will wind up being better than Greene solely because of his abilities in the batters’ box. However, Greene is still going to bring a lot to the Tigers organization for years to come.

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It will be interesting to see how more outlets rank the Tigers Bash Brothers as the season nears closer.