Detroit Tigers: Lockout becomes more worrisome each day it continues

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The Detroit Tigers are amid a work stoppage, which makes things challenging for them as this offseason continues. Like all of Major League Baseball, it has been a dead period for signings and trades amid all of the chaos.

The Detroit Tigers are not done this offseason and need to make a few more moves to round out the roster, but until the lockout ends, this will be impossible to happen. However, it seems like the lockout is far from being over from what it looks like.

The two sides have not been talking or getting much business done, which will be a problem if the teams want to get things worked out in time. Spring Training starting up next month should have Tigers fans and any fans a tad bit worried.

Getting things started on time is going to be huge, but the way things are going, there has not been a whole lot of progress to get the teams back on the field and pick up the offseason. The current situation is putting a hold on things and making it tough to get things rolling.

Each day the Detroit Tigers remain in the lockout should make fans worry more.

The Detroit Tigers are in a spot where they need to get started up again in order to finish building out their roster. The latest rumors seem to point that there was little to no progress made in areas that matter around the holidays.

With the calendar flipping over to 2022, it brings a new ballgame for the owners and players to come to an agreement and get things worked out.

Official 2022 Spring Training games are slated to begin on February 26th, so the lack of progress should be growing this worry with each day that goes by. It’s hard to think that there will be enough progress to get things figured out within the week.

But things have to start changing if the league wants to avoid an incredibly rushed start to the season. If that does not happen, the Tigers may see their season start later than anticipated, like many other teams.

There are still so many free agents needing to sign, players who are rehabbing injuries that are in the dark, and players who simply cannot communicate with their coaches due to this work stoppage and lockout.

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Every day this lockout continues and Spring Training gets closer; the fear of the regular season being impacted continues to grow.