Detroit Red Wings should start thinking about the trade deadline

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The Detroit Red Wings are 16-15-3 as it stands, which is good for fifth in the Atlantic Division. As the season progresses, the Red Wings have to start thinking about the remainder of their season and what may come of it.

The Detroit Red Wings could be making a postseason push to see if they can make the postseason for the first time since this rebuild began; however, if the Red Wings are looking to be aggressive in 2021-22 and end up fighting for a postseason position.

One of the things to discuss in the Red Wings front office right now should be the trade deadline for the 2021-22 season. While it’s going to be a while before the trade deadline nears, but March 21st, 2022, will be here soon enough.

If the Red Wings are looking to make a splash, being a cautious buyer, this trade deadline season may not be the worst thing in the world. They have to decide what will be best for them, though, and being a buyer this season may not be it, but that’s yet to be determined.

The Detroit Red Wings need to give the trade deadline some thought.

Even though it is just a few days into the 2022 calendar year, the Red Wings have to do some thinking because there will be hurdles when it comes to this year’s trade deadline. Similar to last season, the COVID-19 issues will remain this season.

Teams may want to make their moves a little before the actual deadline to ensure that the players they acquire can get through any hoops that may arise amid COVID-19 tests and protocols. While the players’ vaccination rates have helped ease the quarantine periods and the ability to test out of protocols helps, it still has to be considered.

Beyond that, the Red Wings rebuild situation has to play a role in their trade deadline plans. For example, if the Red Wings want to be buyers and try to make a push this year. When it comes to the Red Wings, adding impact pieces may be worth exploring.

So even two months from the trade deadline, the Red Wings have to start thinking about what they want to do to continue furthering their rebuild and move into an era of competing again.

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It seems like adding in a few impactful pieces as cautious buyers, trying to limit what they give up, would be a stellar plan for the Red Wings.