The Detroit Tigers signing Freddie Freeman would be a dream come true

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The Detroit Tigers cannot make any roster moves or signings throughout this lockout and work stoppage, but they will have a chance to round out their roster when things clear up. According to a recent article from ESPN, the Tigers may be looking to make another big signing.

In an ESPN article, Alden Gonzalez recently talked about first baseman Freddie Freeman going to the Tigers. Freeman and the Tigers were not the top suitors in the article but were mentioned.

The premise from Gonzalez was that the Tigers would benefit a ton from adding Freeman, which is obvious, but they already have Spencer Torkelson. It’s not wrong to say that Freeman would be a beneficial addition, but to say the Tigers are in the hunt is a bit of a stretch.

Freeman is fabulous on and off the field, and finding a spot for him in the field could be made a priority. It’s more of a dream than reality to say that the Tigers will be in the hunt for Freeman, but it’s one of those fun ideas to think about.

Detroit Tigers would benefit from adding Freddie Freeman.

Though they are not going to, let’s get that straight now.

It seems like Freeman will head back to the Atlanta Braves organization after winning a World Series with them in 2021. But without baseball news to write about, writers (and us here at Detroit Jock City) can get creative from time to time.

Freeman is 31 years old and a 12-year veteran of the league. He slashed .300/.393/.503 with 31 home runs and 83 RBI, coming off an MVP-winning season in 2020. The Braves star has been incredibly underrated in the early parts of his career and has only started to get more recognition in recent years.

The Tigers would be silly not to think about making a bold move to sign him. But that was likely a conversation that happened one second and was shot down the very next and never talked about again. The future of this organization is in the hands of Spencer Torkelson, who’s slated to play first and third base.

Jeimer Candelario is looking for another great season, leaving him to fill the gap between first and third base wherever Torkelson isn’t. This is thinking down the line because right now, Miguel Cabrera is going to plug one of those holes as his career winds down.

Must Read. Detroit Tigers need another big season out of Jeimer Candelario. light

So, while Freeman would be a great addition, it’s highly improbable that the Tigers will be looking to sign him.