Detroit Red Wings: Leon Draisaitl may be looking for a new home

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The Detroit Red Wings are in no rush to make a blockbuster trade or severely shake up the team’s roster. However, the Red Wings may want to walk back on those statements, given the circumstances.

It seems like the Detroit Red Wings are looking to turn the corner, and adding in a generational talent to bolster their roster would undoubtedly do the trick. The Edmonton Oilers have Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl running the show for their offense.

However, it seems like Draisaitl may not be the happiest camper in Edmonton. What better to do than have Yzerman swoop in and grab him. The price would certainly be high on Draisaitl as he has been near the top of the league in scoring in each of the last few seasons.

There are no signs that Draisaitl is on the way out, but some recent unhappiness with the Oilers seems like things may not be going as planned. A recent tough conversation with Jim Matheson, a reporter, who asked Draisaitl if he was “pissy” seemed to spark some rumors.

It begs the question to be asked if Yzerman may call up former Red Wings General Manager (GM) Ken Holland to see if he can swindle him into making a deal.

The Detroit Red Wings should make a run at Leon Draisaitl.

Since Yzerman and Holland know each other quite well, Yzerman has to pick up the phone and try. Throw out a crazy offer and see if Holland is receptive to a move. The odds of moving Draisaitl are incredibly low, but the Red Wings are silly if they do not jump all over him.

Draisaitl is still under contract for the next three seasons. He carries an $8.5 million cap hit per season, which is incredibly steep but would be well worth the trade. Even giving up top-tier prospects, Draisaitl’s impact would be incredible.

Even in 2021-22, Draisaitl is showing how great he can be offensively. The former third overall pick has 26 goals and 28 assists for 54 total points over 35 games played for the Oilers as he looks to post another Hart Trophy caliber season.

Looking at possible trades, it’s going to take a lot, but Draisaitl may just be attainable via trade if the Red Wings truly wanted to try. It will take draft capital; I’d expect a first-round and third-round pick and Simon Edvinsson to be the minimum price.

It’s going to take a lot, and Edvinsson seems like he will have a significant impact on the team’s defense core, but making a hefty offer for Draisaitl would be one heck of a deal. Not to mention, this move would unite Draisaitl with Moritz Seider, who is another German-born player.

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It’s like the cherry on top of the deal. While it is incredibly unlikely, it’s a fun idea to propose and think about.