Detroit Lions first-round pick could slide even farther this Sunday

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The Detroit Lions made the franchise decision to trade Matthew Stafford last year around this time. Since parting ways with the team, Stafford has put the league on watch for his performance. While he’s not in the running for the league’s Most Valuable Player, he’s continued to find success with his new squad.

The Los Angeles Rams will take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday, where Stafford squares off with Tom Brady. The Detroit Lions will be watching intently to see what happens. There are implications on this game that could wind up pushing the Lions’ pick in the first-round back even farther.

On Monday, Detroit Jock City Co-Expert Bob Heyrman wrote about the Lions pick dropping down the draft order after the Rams blowout victory over the Cardinals. But as Sunday approaches, the pick could fall even farther with a Rams victory.

It’s a tricky situation, as Heyrman noted in his piece, but it seems like even if the Rams lose this weekend, they are still in a variable spot to end up with the 26th pick overall. But, there are two schools of thought here for Lions fans; everyone will be different.

The Detroit Lions faithful will be divided this Sunday.

The Lions possess the Rams’ first-round pick that continues to fall with each Rams victory. It does not help the Lions’ cause as they continue to build out their roster, but it’s still a first-round pick even if the Rams go on to win the Super Bowl itself.

There are two ways to go about things this Sunday; two ways to root.

Those fans who are entrenched in the new era of the Lions and have written off Stafford are likely hoping that Brady takes it to the Rams and ends up victorious. Also hoping that every other needed result happens, so the Lions pick stops falling.

This would result in the Lions having the second and 26th overall picks in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. That’s all good and well, but it’s not the only way to root.

Fans who still are hanging onto #9 even though he’s not in the Honolulu blue anymore have a different interest. There’s a group of this fanbase that wants Stafford to succeed.

After all, the Lions did trade Stafford with the hopes that he would be able to be in a better situation in terms of winning and allow the Lions to dive headfirst into their rebuild. Rooting for Stafford this Sunday is not a bad thing.

Fans can go either way. I don’t see an issue with either side. Some people are just hoping for the best future results and not living in the past, and those who want to see Stafford get a ring, or at least continue to succeed and win.

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That being said, I know where I stand; where do you?