Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford headed to Super Bowl after being traded

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The Detroit Lions are nowhere near the playoffs, let alone a winning record. However, fans of this organization got to witness something great on Sunday. The quarterback who stood under center for the Lions for 12 seasons is going to the Super Bowl.

While former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford leads another team to the Super Bowl instead of the Lions, it’s still a great feeling to see him succeed. He’s more than deserving and has shown the league how great he truly is. It’s only taken some thirteen years to realize Stafford’s talent.

However, number 9 is headed to the Super Bowl, well, is getting ready for the Super Bowl at least. The Los Angeles Rams will play host to the Cincinnati Bengals after their game-winning field goal from kicker Evan McPherson to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime.

Interesting side note: This is the second year that the Super Bowl will be held in the home stadium of one of the participants after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted last year’s. Last year was the first time it had happened after 54 consecutive Super Bowls, and now it has happened twice in a row.

Nonetheless, Stafford will get his chance to put the league on notice and show everyone the amount of talent that was hidden during his time with this franchise. Lions fans are no strangers to some of the magnificent things that Stafford does, and now he’s showing it on the national stage.

Former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is headed to the Super Bowl.

It may not have been the prettiest win, but the Rams would come out on top after a late-game pressure from the Rams defense forced an interception from San Francisco 49ers Jimmy Garoppolo.

The Rams would come out victorious with a 20-17 victory after a game where both sides easily could have given away the game. But, Stafford and Rams would emerge victorious and punch their ticket to the big game on February 13th.

While most football fans and Lions fans would have tuned in to the game either way to see what happens. This year, the Lions faithful will have a genuine rooting interest. While the better the Rams do, the worse the draft pick, it does not matter at this point. The difference in talent from pick 28 to 32 was not going to make much of a difference.

That being said, there is no reason not to be rooting for Stafford to bring it on home and get himself a Super Bowl ring. Stafford has earned it. He’s played through injury after injury and given his all to a losing team year in and year out.

When the Lions opted to trade the long-time franchise favorite, it was understood that he would have a shot at winning. He’s made the most of it and been electric on a Rams team that seems to have all the talent in the world.

While the Lions season ended on a victory Monday, tomorrow is another victory Monday… in a way. Lions fans should be incredibly happy for #9 and pulling for him.

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February 13th will be here soon enough. For those who miss hearing it… are you all excited to hear about Matthew Stafford and Clayton Kershaw being buddies?