Detroit Tigers: 3 under-the-radar pitchers the Tigers should sign

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Detroit Tigers, Steven Brault
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Steven Brault has to be considered by the Detroit Tigers.

This left-handed starter/reliever has played a significant veteran role for the Pirates the last few years, even winning their team pitcher of the year award in 2020. However, a recurring lat injury in his left side meant he had a virtually lost 2021. That setback in his career progress led to him being placed on waivers and subsequently released in November.

Steven Brault is no superstar (except maybe with his voice), and his stats are reflective of that fact. In 2021, he had a 5.86 ERA, and 1.63 WHIP over 27 innings pitched (seven starts). On the other hand, there is reason to believe he is better than his 2021. His FIP was 4.62 and his BABIP .326, both indicating at least some degree of bad luck.

The per-9 statistics also show some degree of possibility. His H/9 was up and K/9 were down, but so too were his BB/9. In general, it seems like he has found an improved degree of control. He uses his offspeed pitches more, especially his changeup, which sports heavy sink and a good deal of arm-side run.

With the right coaching and injury management, Brault could be an excellent addition to the Tigers’ rotation or bullpen, both areas where he has experience. And worst comes to worst, maybe he could sing the national anthem before games.