Michigan Football: Jim Harbaugh expected to land Vikings head coach job

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It’s been a tumultuous time in the Michigan Football program, and it seems like things might continue to head down a tough road for the maize and blue. After recent rumors broke, it appears that Jim Harbaugh will be departing the program for the Minnesota Vikings head coaching job.

This comes after Michigan Football posted a 12-2 record and made a College Football Playoff appearance where they were handily destroyed by the Georgia Bulldogs who went on to win the National Championship.

Harbaugh has coached for the Wolverines for the past seven seasons, but it seems that he will be moving on. Plenty of tweets are out there attesting to the rumors, but according to Ian Rapoport, Harbaugh will be headed to Minnesota under the assumption that he will take over as the team’s head coach. Here’s the tweet.

While, earlier this week, other rumors were being broadcasted all over Twitter. Co-Site Expert Bob Heyrman wrote about reports that said Harbaugh would be heading to Florida to take over the Miami Dolphins head coach vacancy.

Heyrman dropped in a tweet from Mark Carman that mentioned that Harbaugh to the Dolphins was all but complete and nearly happening. It seems like all of these sources lately may be pointing to different things, and the truth is yet to be determined.

Even though it seems like Harbaugh is heading to the Vikings, this is not confirmed though it looks like they’re going to land the Wolverines head coach.

Michigan Football may be looking for a new coach if Jim Harbaugh is out.

While the Dolphins news could have been a smokescreen or misinformation, the same is true with the Vikings’ position. However, Rapoport seems to have a handle on the situation, confident that Harbaugh will be making the jump and returning to the NFL.

Harbaugh would coach to a 61-24 record with just one bowl win, which came in his first season as head coach of the Wolverines. It was not the smoothest sailing, even with a winning record. The Wolverines faithful seemingly expected more from Harbaugh, and after his emphatic win against Ohio State this year, it felt like the fans had some more trust for the head coach.

Now, it seems that he is heading for the NFL and leaving the Wolverines behind without a head coach. This comes after already losing Mike MacDonald to the Baltimore Ravens after Jim Harbaugh’s very own brother, John Harbaugh, stole him for his staff.

Nothing has been confirmed, and time will tell, but it seems that Harbaugh’s days of rocking the khakis with maize and blue shirts are over, and he may be heading back to the NFL ranks.