Tucker Barnhart is the catcher the Detroit Tigers needed

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Even though Tucker Barnhart has not played a single inning of baseball for the Detroit Tigers organization since being brought in via trade, I’m willing to say that he’s going to wind up being a quality addition.

The Detroit Tigers have been in desperate need of a catcher, especially one that can be swift defensively and bring a benefit to the team’s lineup each game. Barnhart is that guy. It’s as simple as that, he’s been a rock behind the dish for the Cincinnati Reds, and the Tigers should expect the same.

Not to mention, Barnhart has embraced the trade and move with open arms. He greeted the fanbase well and got psyched up to join the Tigers organization and push towards being competitive with his new organization. While that’s not going to provide him with an extra home run, more RBI’s, or a better job at the plate, his attitude will go a long way.

Being confident in the clubhouse, a mentor for other guys, and someone who keeps morale high is only going to benefit the Tigers in the long run. He signed a deal to give him a raise right after being acquired that runs through the 2022 season, so if it does not work out for some reason, the Tigers could cut ties with him after this year. Though, I think that is highly unlikely.

The Detroit Tigers got their guy with Tucker Barnhart.

Now, I’m not trying to say that Barnhart will get a massive seven-year deal with a heavy financial commitment. He’s 31 years old and getting older, but it’s not a bad idea to keep him around for the next few years (three or so) to buy some time.

Barnhart can be their guy for now, and he is. Dillon Dingler then gets time to fine-tune his skills and develop into the player that the Tigers organization really wants him to be. He’ll make $7.75 million with the Tigers this year, and it’s going to be a tryout for him to earn an extension.

After a .247/.317/.368 performance over 116 games played with 28 extra-base hits and 48 RBI, there’s plenty to like. The two-time Gold Glove award winner knows his way around a pitching staff, and it seems like the Tigers staff should be looking forward to getting to throw to him.

It may be early to make these predictions since he has not played a game for the team, but looking at the stuff on paper, it seems like the Tigers did good in acquiring Barnhart.

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Reds fans were upset the team moved on from him and knew they lost a good one; the Tigers just happened to be the intelligent team who scooped him up. Moving forward with Barnhart behind the dish is going to be great.