Detroit Tigers need to be cautious with Gregory Soto as closer

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The Detroit Tigers are far from the start of the season and need to have each and every part of the roster figured out heading into the 2022 season. The biggest question right now is when the two sides will come together and get the players back on the field.

Until then, fans are left sitting around playing the hypothetical game, making predictions, and guessing as to what could be next for their favorite team. When it comes to the Detroit Tigers, the bullpen needs to be addressed.

After examining the team’s pitching staff, it’s easy to see that there is a serious lack of left-handed pitching. Detroit Jock City contributor Eli Paszek wrote about this, claiming that signing Andrew Chafin could be a remedy for this issue and possibly strengthen up the back of the bullpen.

The way things stand, Gregory Soto is lined up to be the team’s closer whenever the team gets back on the field. Soto has been the team’s de facto closer for the 2021 season. He’s worked to maintain this role, but it’s left to be seen if he can sustain it over an entire season as the standalone closer.

Detroit Tigers need to be cautious with Gregory Soto.

Soto is coming off of a 2021 season where he pitched in 62 games, racking up 63.2 innings pitched where he posted a 3.39 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, and 76 strikeouts. He was also the Tigers all-star representative at Coors Field for the midsummer classic.

When it comes to Soto, it’s easy to see where there is some concern. He’s been inconsistent and streaky at times; however, in 2021, he finally started to lock things down. Soto has proven that he will be a consistent arm for the Tigers and help record-outs out of the bullpen.

One of the things to think about, though, is the lack of left-handed pitching that could handicap the team’s bullpen at times. If Soto is the closer, the Tigers will have only one other left-handed pitcher available to call upon out of the bullpen.

Being cautious not to put the team in a tough spot may be a good reason to try and try out some other guys as closers. One of the things to consider is Michael Fulmer, who may be able to morph into a closer role.

While this may be a switch-up since Fulmer came up as a starter, he may very well be suited to be a closer for this Tigers roster. Soto may be better served as a setup man who turns over the ball to Fulmer.

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The Tigers should be cautious with Soto to make sure they use the little number of left-handed relievers they have in the right light.