Detroit Tigers have to be hoping for growth with Roberto Campos

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The Detroit Tigers have to be hoping that the 2022 season is a big season for one of their development projects in the minors. Back in July of 2019, the Tigers scooped up a teenager from Cuba in the international free-agent market that they have taken a liking to.

Roberto Campos has been someone that the Detroit Tigers are looking forward to seeing swing the bat more often and eventually in Comerica Park. That’s a ways away from reality, but the 18-year old prospect has to start getting into a groove for his development.

He’s coming off of his first season in minor-league ball with 39 games played in the Florida Complex League for Tigers West. He’s spent time working to develop and start getting into the flow of being a minor leaguer.

Campos’s 39 games helped him accumulate 155 plate appearances for the Tigers, where he had a .228/.316/.441 with 13 extra-base hits and 19 RBI. This 2022 season of minor league playing time has to be a big step in his development as he starts to acclimate and settle in.

Detroit Tigers prospect Roberto Campos has a long road ahead of him.

While it’s not going to be another year of minor league ball and then a pro-debut, his long path to the big leagues is going to set him up to be an exceptional talent when he does get there. However, a strong 2022 season can set him up for a quicker path.

Showing signs of development and growth is what is going to light up the eyes of the Tigers development staff and those in charge of making sure Campos makes it to Comerica Park one day. There’s been plenty of intrigue with Campos from the Tigers organization, and he’s sure looked the part in terms of tools.

Here’s a little highlight of Campos’ swings from the Tigers Player Development account on Twitter.

The tools that Campos has shown and is expected to keep developing are what drive the intrigue here. Campos is someone that cannot be slept on or forgotten about. Those minor league junkies who like to keep tabs on Tigers prospects should certainly have Campos on the list of players to watch.

Being that he’s still so young and working to develop his tools, there’s a lot of intrigue and excitement with the player that he can potentially be. While the owners and teams continue to bicker, fans may find themselves getting acquainted with minor league baseball, which is another reason to keep tabs on Campos.

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The 2022 season will be big for him to try and settle in over another summer and start really developing his tools.