Ex-Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford on the right side of penalties for once

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On Sunday, many tuned in to Super Bowl LVI to watch the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals battle it out. It was a much different experience for the Detroit Lions fans with Matthew Stafford being involved in the game.

Getting the chance to watch the once-Detroit Lions quarterback battle for a Super Bowl ring was one of the most exciting things the Lions fans have seen in a long time. If there is one thing that Lions fans become accustomed to seeing, it’s a fourth-quarter comeback from Stafford to cement a victory.

Stafford marched the team down the field from around the six-minute mark and secured good field position at the two-minute warning before giving the Rams the lead. But wait. Those who were watching realized it was not an easy drive down the field.

While Stafford certainly did great at finding the open man, moving the chains, and managing the clock, the Bengals were not helping themselves. In the last two minutes of the game, the Bengals took three penalties for a combined seven yards with two free plays, including giving up free first downs several times.

Former Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford was on the right side of the penalties for once.

While some people seem to think there were a few soft calls in there. I will leave that for the comment section of social media. The point is, it was not some incredibly controversial call that screwed over the Lions or Stafford.

Now, the Lions have never made the Super Bowl and had a major controversial call settle a game like that, but they have had their misfortunes with blown calls or penalties in general over the years. For Stafford, it had to be a gift to be on the other side of the penalties.

After the penalties would go down and Stafford had several chances to pound it home, he was able to find Cooper Kupp for the game-sealing touchdown that enshrined Stafford in history with his first Super Bowl ring.

Here’s the play…

At the end of the day, the penalties do not matter to Lions fans. There’s a consensus of happiness amongst the fanbase, and they got to see their former quarterback, who went through nearly 15 years of tough times here in Detroit, take home the glory at the big game.

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It was a fitting end to Super Bowl LVI for Stafford and the Rams. It’s great to see Stafford get his ring, and Lions fans should be full of happiness for the former quarterback; now it’s back to business, and the focus turns back to MCDC Dan Campbell.