Detroit Lions: 3 receivers worthy of trading the no. 34 pick to acquire

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Detroit Lions, D.K. Metcalf
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The Detroit Lions should consider trading for DK Metcalf.

The Detroit Lions are in a position to add a bonified number one receiver. Like Ridley, Seattle star receiver DK Metcalf is entering a contract year. While the ever-so-consistent Tyler Lockett once again proved he’s probably the most underrated pass-catchers in the NFL, the sky is the limit for the 24-year old Metcalf.

Metcalf has the makings of being a number one receiver but comes with some concerns.  Metcalf has shown some of the traits many like to refer to as the ‘prima-donna.’  History has shown us time and time again, whether it’s Odell Beckham Jr, Terrell Owens, or Randy Moss, and so on that the receiver position comes with plenty of spirited personalities.

The former second-round pick of the Seahawks has had his share of sideline outbursts and on-field interactions, some of which eventually led to an ejection this past season.

Metcalf would later explain that he was tired of losing as Seattle had dropped four of five at the time of this altercation.

So, coming to a rebuilding Detroit team might not work out the best.  Seriously, I am in no way trolling the Lions as I know many of you are right now, but I don’t expect the Lions to win more games than they will lose in 2022.  I hope to see progress, but progress means seven or maybe eight wins which would be a significant step forward from three wins.  Metcalf’s personality would be my main concern if the Lions entertained the idea of adding the physical outside receiver.

In a recent article by Michael Shawn-Dugar of The Athletic, he suggests that the Seahawks may be willing to trade Metcalf for a first-round pick.

"” Since entering the league as a second-round pick in 2019, Metcalf among receivers ranks fifth in receiving touchdowns (29), 10th in receiving yards (3,170) and 17th in receptions (216). He doesn’t turn 25 until December. Seattle would have no problem finding someone willing to give up a first-round pick — perhaps an early one — for the right to acquire Metcalf and sign him to an extension that pays him like one of the best players at his position (about $22 million per year).”"

I understand that my argument is trading the no. 34 pick, which is a second-round pick and doesn’t fit Michael’s criteria, but it’s an early second-round selection and does carry some value.

I expect Metcalf’s trade value to be much richer than Ridley, who I feel may be had for the no. 34 overall pick.  To land the 24-year old playmaker, the Detroit Lions would likely need to add an additional third-round selection at the very least, and I’m not sure Holmes would be willing to part with two of the teams’ first four draft choices; nor should he in my opinion.

With Russell Wilson potentially forcing a trade out of Seattle, the Seahawks may be willing to add draft capital to expedite their expected rebuild while their division rival Los Angels Rams are eyeing a repeat and the San Francisco 49ers have championship aspirations of their own.