Detroit Red Wings: How long of a leash does Jeff Blashill have?

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The Detroit Red Wings have seen a recent dip in performance, and after some recent losses, things are getting a little fiery in the fanbase. The 2021-22 season started with the Red Wings cruising along and even made it seem like the playoffs were not out of reach.

For the Detroit Red Wings, the 24-27-6 record is not as exciting as it looked a while back. While being a .500-level hockey team still may not be out of reach, with the quality of play they have had lately, it’s hard to believe they will be able to hit that .500 mark.

The Red Wings have been outscored by 15 goals in the last five games with a 1-4 record. If you expand that out farther, the Red Wings have had six games where they have given up six or more goals since February began.

While this may be something, people want to label as netminder issues, but there’s a good majority of the Red Wings faithful that are viewing Jeff Blashill as the person to blame. However, even with the coaching carousel in motion, the Red Wings are likely going to hold off.

Detroit Red Wings Jeff Blashill has a longer leash than you think.

Last May, Blashill received a contract extension that will keep him with the Red Wings for at least this year and next. While that is barring an impromptu firing, General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman believes Blashill is the guy who can get it done.

It is a bit comical to think that a month ago, I was writing that Blashill has been reliable. Noting that while he has undoubtedly made some questionable choices and has had some rough spots, he’s gotten the job done.

It may not be pretty, and he’s certainly not in the running for coach of the year, but until the attractive new hire is seemingly known. So, while the 9-2 loss to the Arizona Coyotes and 10-7 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs from about two weeks ago are crushing, I’m not sure Blashill is directly in the hot seat.

Those are the type of games that can get a coach fired, yes, but Yzerman’s got a loose leash with Blashill. It’s been known over the past few years, and even though the current-Red Wings roster is much better than those of years past, the Red Wings still are not a competitor.

The issue with Blashill is that these losses keep mounting. But in all reality, Yzerman will likely let it keep happening. Until there is a new coach the team can bring in and let take over, the Red Wings will probably keep riding with Blashill.

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While there may be options out there, the Red Wings have to find the coach that they feel is really going to be the difference-maker and help this team turn the corner. Until then, Blashill likely keeps his job.