Detroit Tigers reportedly out on Carlos Correa now that free agency is open

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The Detroit Tigers may not have been able to offer up free-agent contracts. But amid the work stoppage ending, it seems that the Tigers are going to steer clear on signing shortstop Carlos Correa who is the big-name free agent still on the board.

While some of you may be confused and wondering why the Detroit Tigers would even be linked to Correa at this point in the process, the Tigers have already gone out and grabbed infielder Javier Báez before the work stoppage, so their needs are “met.”

However, even after Báez was added, it was noted that the Tigers were still considered suitors for Correa. There was a chance that Correa may sign a shorter-term larger annual value deal with the Tigers to continue building a winning team.

It seems like the Tigers will fall short on those rumors due to the recent comments from ownership. It sounds like Christopher Ilitch opposed the offer that was sent to the players a week ago and wanted to see a continued stoppage.

Ownership removes Detroit Tigers from Carlos Correa sweepstakes.

While it may not be a shocking development, the Tigers used to be heavy spenders and were willing to take on the costs to try and produce a willing ball club. Mike Ilitch made that very clear in his time as the team’s owner.

With Chris Ilitch now running things, there’s a lot less hope for a lot of money to get thrown around. Given the Tigers’ connections to Correa through free agency and the literal connection of A.J. Hinch being his former coach, the move was plausible.

However, the Tigers are going to pass up on Correa and wind up building their competitor in more cost-efficient ways. The recent comments from Ilitch about the “economic systems of baseball” and his opposition to spending almost make it certain that the Tigers are not going to shell out another high-dollar amount contract to Correa this offseason.

Now that the Tigers can get into the free-agent market and start spending, the rumors are going to start flying. However, with the Tigers’ recent news from ownership, spending big in the remainder of this offseason will be extremely unlikely.

Without Mike Ilitch around, it’s a new era in Tigers roster construction as it pertains to help from ownership. Correa being added via free agency certainly does not align with Chris Ilitch’s plans.

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So as free agency has resumed, the Tigers are going to fill out their roster efficiently, turning to other free agents who aren’t Carlos Correa.