Miguel Cabrera using 2022 to pass the torch to the “new” Detroit Tigers

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The Detroit Tigers have been blessed to have Miguel Cabrera as a part of their organization for the last 14 seasons. As he comes into his 15th season with the Tigers organization and 20th in the league, Cabrera is looking to pass the torch to the next generation.

For Miguel Cabrera, he has been the backbone of this team, whether it was his Triple Crown season in 2013 or a year where he was cut short due to injuries. He’s been a fan favorite, a player to root for, and someone who has really started to embrace the veteran lifestyle.

He’s not the “kid” he was early on, and he’s not hiding from that. He’s a veteran and future Hall of Famer that the Tigers have gotten plenty out of. As his career starts to wind down, it’s time for the next generation of Tigers talent to take over.

For this, the Tigers are turning to first overall pick in 2020, Spencer Torkelson, to be the guy. There’s something about Torkelson’s manner that makes it seem like he’s going to be the guy this organization really needs.

After officially making the roster, Cabrera presented Torkelson with a new first baseman’s mitt to commemorate this milestone for the young gun.

Detroit Tigers legend Miguel Cabrera is passing the torch to Spencer Torkelson.

It’s not even really about statistics, it’s not to say that Torkelson has to step into Cabrera’s shoes and instantly be a legend. It’s going to take time to build this team and truly get these guys to the levels that it seems they have the potential to reach.

But, that moment that Cabrera and Torkelson shared, is a big one. Not only was it a milestone for Torkelson, but it was for Cabrera as well. He’s nearly relinquishing his first base position to Torkelson and the torch is being passed for the young guy to step up and start taking some steps in being the team’s new face of the franchise.

Once again, it takes time, it’s not an overnight thing. but it was a big deal for Cabrera to really start transitioning as he has. Over the past few years, Cabrera has really started to embody this mentoring role with the Tigers.

After being someone who could be a little rough around the edges in the team’s clubhouse, he’s morphed into a player who is looking to help these guys acclimate to the big leagues. He’s looking to help guys get better and be that mentor type of person, and who better to learn from than a guy who won the Triple Crown.

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It’s still going to take time, but Cabrera’s clubhouse persona and passing of the torch have shown a lot. Tigers fans should be excited about the future and elated with how Cabrera has been carrying himself recently.