Detroit Red Wings future looks incredibly bright for Lucas Raymond

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The Detroit Red Wings selected Lucas Raymond with the fourth overall pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft. While it’s already looking to be an incredible decision, it just makes the future seem even brighter.

There are more prospects to be excited about besides Raymond, but the Detroit Red Wings got it right when they selected the forward out from Sweden. He’s been an exceptional addition for the Red Wings, leaving plenty to the imagination moving forward.

While he may not be able to catch Trevor Zegras in the Calder Trophy “standings” due to the highlight reel lacrosse goals that Zegras pulls off, Raymond is still a star in the making. Raymond has performed like a seasoned scoring veteran.

Raymond is putting up points and making it look easy in his rookie campaign; this all comes after he made the team out of camp by out-working others. He was not a sure-in player for a roster spot, and he ultimately earned his way onto the roster with his performance.

Detroit Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond looks like the real deal.

The Red Wings were able to get Raymond acclimated quickly, and he has been able to settle in nicely. Raymond has played in 69 games during his rookie season for the Red Wings, where he has 22 goals and 30 assists for 52 total points.

Raymond was labeled as someone who would excel in the NHL and someone who would create scoring chances rather than solely being a sniper type of player. While Raymond has his fair share of nice shots, he’s also shown this play-making ability as well.

Raymond has drawn comparisons to Mitch Marner before, and it seems like he is looking more and more like this. Leaving plenty to be excited about for the future if he can continue to perform similar to Marner.

Being someone who’s looking at a 30-50–80 or 35-45–80 season is someone the Red Wings should be more than happy with. Not to mention, Raymond has the makings of a toolsy player. On the ice, he’s been shifty and shown the ability to work with open ice and make things happen.

It’s not just the tools on the ice, too; Raymond has also appeared as a great locker room presence as well. He’s the young kid, embracing it and taking it all in, learning from the guys around him. This only bodes well for the Red Wings’ future to have a player like this being one of the pieces to build around.

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As his rookie campaign comes to a close, the Red Wings and their fanbase must be delighted to see how things went in year one, leaving high hopes for the future.