It’s a great time to be a Detroit Tigers fan with an exciting future ahead

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The Detroit Tigers have begun their 2022 season, and it started with a bang, like literally. After Javier Báez missed a walk-off home run by inches, the ball hit the fence, leading to Austin Meadows being able to score on a play that was reviewed to give the Tigers their first win.

It was a crazy play that resulted in quite the celebration, but the Detroit Tigers were able to defeat their rival Chicago White Sox to start the year 1-0. There were many things to look at from the Tigers’ first contest of the season and a lot to be excited about.

Even from just one game out of a 162-game season, some things stand out and make it seem like things are trending in the right direction, for those who watched the Bally Sports telecast, the interview with Christopher Ilitch about spending and being a competitor.

If fans are not ready to jump for joy after hearing that from Ilitch directly, I’m not sure what will excite them. The bottom line is that the Tigers looked far better than they have been, and it leads me to believe it will be a season of improvement for this Tigers team.

It’s a great time to be a Detroit Tigers fan.

The Tigers faithful have to be more than pleased with the way things are trending. It truly is a wonderful time to be a fan of the Motor City Kitties. The team is coming off of a great offseason where they started spending and building a competitive team.

Not to mention, some of Spencer Torkelson’s at-bats today looked strong. Even if he is still chasing that first hit, he showed some great swings and had the appearance that he will be a serious problem for the opposition as he settles in.

Javier Báez did precisely what was expected from him. He had some horrendous where he was looking to hit the ball 1,000 feet. But he did a job at the end of the game to drive home the game-winning run and made some stellar defensive plays. He did exactly what we expected.

It was a great showing from the new additions overall and made me think it’s going to be a fun year to watch Tigers baseball. However, it was not all sunshine and rainbows; there were still some areas of concern and some that returned from last season.

For example, Gregory Soto giving up a meatball slider over the middle of the plate for Andrew Vaughn to promptly deposit over the left-field wall cannot happen, he’s had an issue with this before, and the Tigers bullpen has to be more reliable than recent years.

Torkelson had some great swings and was pretty clean defensively as well, but he had a few rough whiffs on high-fastballs. Being able to develop that plate discipline, which will indeed happen, especially since he probably had an even higher amount of adrenaline on his first Opening Day, it was expected.

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At the end of the day, it was a great first game for the Tigers and one that leads me to believe that it will be an exciting 2022 season. It’s a great time to be a Tigers fan.