Detroit Tigers: Michael Fulmer has been rock solid in new role

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The Detroit Tigers have been off to a rough start during the 2022 season. But, one of the bright spots for this organization has been the team’s bullpen. They have been off to an impeccable start in 2022, and one of the arms who has really excelled is Michael Fulmer.

Back in his early days with the Detroit Tigers after being acquired from the New York Mets, it was thought that Fulmer would be a future stud in the rotation. A few arm injuries and surgeries later, he’s still kicking around the team’s pitching staff.

He’s found a new role with the Tigers and appears to be liking it. He’s been nothing but rock solid and reliable when the Tigers give Fulmer the baseball, which is a spectacular addition to the team. Knowing they can call upon him and feel comfortable is a great feeling.

With Fulmer settling into his new role, the Tigers have a sense of control over games when the team carries a lead late into ballgames. Fulmer has adapted to his new role, and it’s showing.

He’s adjusted his repertoire and style to fit his needs. Rather than being someone who’s going to come in and carve for five innings, Fulmer will come in and throw gas for an inning or two and pair that with this new slider. It’s more reliance on a two-pitch mix than having a full arsenal to tend to.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer is adjusting well to the new role.

As mentioned in Stavenhagen’s tweet, Fulmer uses two different breaking balls to try and fool hitters. He’s got the hard and tight slider that can back up hitters and fool them compared to his slower slider with more depth to it.

It’s simple pitch design and tunneling that help Fulmer to get away with this in a productive fashion. He’s been one of the Tigers’ best arms out of the bullpen, so it is hard not to see how this is beneficial.

Fulmer has been called upon in nine games for the Tigers, where he has a logged 9.1 innings without surrendering a run. He’s got a 0.54 WHIP while allowing just three hits and two walks in his performance thus far. Fulmer’s also fanned eight opposing hitters.

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As the 2022 season continues on, the Tigers should be looking to keep the bullpen in the shape it has been. Being able to rely on arms like Fulmer will only prove to be beneficial down the road. While things have not been off to the best start, the bullpen is the bright spot that needs to keep up this performance, especially Fulmer.