Detroit Tigers: Patience is a virtue with prospect Spencer Torkelson

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The Detroit Tigers have struggled out of the gate in 2022. With a bit of sputtering and struggles, the team is trying to get things under control and back on track. One of the worrisome things is the performance of Spencer Torkelson early on.

The former first overall pick broke Spring Training with the Detroit Tigers, and some of the team’s fanbase seems to be worried about his early-season struggles. Torkelson has incredibly high expectations, and the fact that he is not tearing the cover off of the ball every swing seems to be tough to stomach for some.

But, it’s his rookie season. Things are not going to be perfect, and it is going to take time for Torkelson to acclimate to the big leagues. It’s going to be a process for the rookie, but he has the tools and skills at his disposal to be a true superstar.

Patience is going to be critical for the Tigers youngster. Not jumping to conclusions or overthinking with Torkelson is going to be important. There will be some struggles and things Torkelson needs to clean up, but it’s all going to happen in due time.

Detroit Tigers rookie Spencer Torkelson deserves patience from fans.

Before the fanbase starts looking negatively upon the youngster or starts to think he may be a bust. Stop for a second and think about Torkelson’s excitement thus far in his rookie campaign.

He’s got the tools to be a superstar; it will be a matter of piecing everything together and breaking out. Whether that happens in 2022 or not is to be seen, but Torkelson will get things right in due time.

In 2022, Torkelson has played in 23 games where he has accumulated 84 plate appearances; he’s slashing .167/.286/.306 with 27 punchouts. Frankly, it’s to be expected. No one wants Torkelson to get into the early slump or struggle, but it’s not time to worry yet.

In fact, worrying right now is ludicrous. Give the kid a chance to get things right and get going in the right direction. It’s a long season, 162 games long and 23 games in; he is not looking spectacular statistically. So what?

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By the end of the year, those stats will look drastically different. Giving Torkelson the benefit of the doubt and time to get into a groove will be important. He’s got the ability to be something special here in Detroit; it’s a matter of putting it all together.