Looking at the Detroit Lions Offensive Depth Chart after the NFL Draft

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Detroit Lions, Jared Goff
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With the 2022 NFL draft wrapped up, the Detroit Lions roster is nearly set for the 2022 NFL season. Last season, the offense struggled at the beginning of the year but really took off once Ben Johnson took over the play-calling.

This year, the Detroit Lions are hoping to take another jump offensively and move into the top 10 in the league. Here we take a look at the depth chart as they look to build off the last year’s strong finish.

It’s pretty early, but with the draft being in the books, it’s hard not to start looking into what the future holds and how the team will shape up with some of the new additions added to the mix.

Let’s begin with the men under center for the Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions quarterback situation.

  1. Jared Goff
  2.  Tim Boyle
  3. David Blough
  4. Steven Montez

After all the talk about the Lions pursuing a quarterback this offseason, they chose not to add anyone to their quarterback room. Jared Goff struggled at times last year but showed some flashes at the end of the year.

The quarterback room is his for one more year, for better or worse, as he tries to prove he can be the quarterback of the future. If he struggles for another year, look for the Lions to move on and try to add a quarterback in the draft next year.

Behind him, the Lions will continue developing Boyle’s natural gifts into a solid backup quarterback, and Blough continues to be an extra offensive coach with some playing experience. Expect Montez to have a good shot of sticking on the practice squad again as he can imitate mobile quarterbacks on the practice squad.