Detroit Red Wings slated to pick eighth overall in 2022 NHL Entry Draft

(Photo by Abelimages / Getty Images for NHL)
(Photo by Abelimages / Getty Images for NHL) /

The Detroit Red Wings now know their fate; they will pick eighth in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft. After the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery ended, the team was able to figure out when they were going to pick.

The Detroit Red Wings will be inside the top ten once again, with the eighth overall selection in the draft. With General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman running the ship, the team has seen multiple top-tier picks flood through the ranks.

There are more like those two in the pipeline between Lucas Raymond and Moritz Seider being the first to crack the NHL. Now, in 2022 the Red Wings will be able to add another top-tier talent with their first-round selection.

The eighth overall pick will net a solid prospect in return, but the team can now start to scout even further on top prospects after the draft lottery. The focus can turn to scout and figure out who the team may have left on the first-round draft board when they get to pick at eighth.

Detroit Red Wings to select eighth in 2022 NHL Draft.

The lottery itself has become a bit of a sham. While that may be a personal opinion, it’s likely one that the Red Wings faithful have come to share. The Red Wings have been the victim of falling in the draft lottery in each of the past few years.

They have yet to get the first overall pick and had fallen over and over again. The team getting the eighth overall pick was shocking, but the picks beyond Detroit’s seem a little fishy.

While the Montreal Canadiens played themselves into a lottery pick and without Carey Price for almost the entire season, it’s easy to see why they had struggles. But they were the winners of the first overall selection in the upcoming summer draft.

The part that irks me as a fan is that the Canadiens are also playing host to the draft. It feels like the league had to have a hand in the way that things unfolded. I have been against how the lottery has worked for some time now, but this was quite interesting.

But, my nobody opinion is not going to change anything, and that’s okay; because the Red Wings still pick eighth this year and are going to get another top-tier talent to aid the rebuild.

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If there is one thing that Red Wings fans do know about the draft, it is that Yzerman has been on top of things and pieced together some impeccable draft classes thus far.