Detroit Tigers kicking themselves on outfielder Travis Demeritte

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The Detroit Tigers put outfielder Travis Demeritte on waivers back in 2021 before the season began. The Atlanta Braves swiftly picked him back up after sending him to the Motor City in 2019 as a part of the Shane Greene trade.

Demeritte never really got things going for the Detroit Tigers organization, but in 2022, he has been red hot. The Braves have to be pleased to have gotten Demeritte back and gotten him to perform as he has been in 2022.

On the other hand, the Tigers have to be a little upset that they gave up on Demeritte while they watch Akil Baddoo continue to struggle at the plate and ultimately get sent down for a “reset.” But for Demeritte, things just may not have worked here in Detroit, and the Braves system has majorly helped his development.

Instead, he has found himself having a breakout season and looking much different than the Tigers would remember him as. After such a hot start, there have to be some front office members kicking themselves for giving up on the outfielder.

Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Travis Demeritte providing benefit to Braves.

The season is still plenty young, but Demeritte has benefited the Braves lineup as they look to follow up a World Series Championship victory from last fall. Demeritte has found his way into 14 games for the Braves, where he has slashed .267/.320/.444 in his return to the Braves.

Demeritte never got things going in Detroit. For comparison, his 2020 numbers saw him log 18 games (similar to 2022 so far) where he slashed only .172/.273/.207, where he struck out in 15 of his 33 plate appearances.

Though his strikeout numbers are still worrisome, he has been a much different player in the batters’ box for the Braves. The Braves have been able to find ways to get him in the lineup and use him to benefit their roster.

The Tigers have to be kicking themselves over, not sticking it out, and seeing if Demeritte could bring some sort of benefit to the team’s roster. Though, it would appear that Demeritte would have struggled to find space in this crowded outfield.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and the Tigers’ outfield has not been horrible, but Demeritte has been a quality addition to the team’s roster; whether he’s used off the bench or on other key players off-days, he’s brought benefit to the team.

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The best thing to do for the Tigers is tip the cap, wish the best of luck to Demeritte, and focus on what the Tigers outfield can do to improve. Riley Greene, enter stage right.