Detroit Lions: Is it time to root against Matthew Stafford?

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The 2021 season is in the past, as is Matthew Stafford‘s Super Bowl LVI victory. He did it. The Detroit Lions fanbase got to see the guy who was under center for 12 seasons go on and win the Super Bowl he deserved.

Unfortunately, it was not in the Detroit Lions Honolulu blue and silver but the Los Angeles Rams’ royal blue and gold. Stafford had plenty of support from the Lions faithful, including fans like myself who simply wanted to see him get the credit he deserves.

But, some opposed the former Lions quarterback, some who rooted against him in 2021, with the hopes of a higher first-round draft pick as a part of the trade package recouped from the blockbuster deal.

Now that Stafford has his Super Bowl ring, with another season affecting the Lions’ draft pick based on the Rams’ record… the question is begging to be asked.

Is it time for Detroit Lions fans to root against Matthew Stafford?

Full disclosure, I am rooting for Stafford and hope that he continues to supersede expectations in Los Angeles and show what a talented player he truly is. I understand the importance of draft capital for the Lions’ rebuild, but I would rather see Stafford keep getting the job done out in California.

That being said, I do not share the sentiment with all of the Lions fans, some of who are all-in on the team’s rebuild. The last piece of the Lions’ draft capital haul from the trade is the Rams’ first-round draft choice for the 2023 draft.

This pick and where it lands is all dependent on the performance of the Rams in 2023; pretty self-explanatory. Some may be rooting for Stafford to be more mediocre, leaving the Rams to finish lower in the standings, and giving the Lions another high-value first-round pick.

With the Lions’ new front office regime doing an impressive job building out the roster with the team’s draft capital, a higher pick does help. Fans will have to decide for themselves, but it seems like some Lions fans may turn the page on Stafford, buying into the rebuild, hoping for the higher draft pick from the Rams.

At the end of the day, it will still be a first-round pick, and this year, the Lions were able to flip things to trade up for Jameson Williams, who will be a difference-maker for this team’s offense.

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There’s still plenty of summer left to decide, but fans of the Lions and former Stafford-lovers have to decide where they fall.