Detroit Tigers: Jonathan Schoop continues to struggle in the batters’ box

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The Detroit Tigers signed Jonathan Schoop as a veteran presence in the field and in the lineup for them as they come out of the rebuild. His $7.5 million contract carries him through this year, with an option for 2023 being up to Schoop.

The way that Schoop has been performing thus far, the Detroit Tigers will likely be stuck with him again in 2023. The 30-year-old infielder was solid for the team early on in his tenure, but lately, he has been nothing but abysmal.

Watching Schoop in the batters’ box makes it seem like he has nothing to play for or is just up there because he has to be. As someone who really enjoyed the signing of Schoop and the addition of him as a veteran presence, it sucks to see him perform like this.

His stats have been lackluster, and his swing looks all out of sorts in 2022. As someone the Tigers rely on, this type of performance cannot happen. While things have been better than they were at the beginning of the year, his statistics are still horrendous.

Detroit Tigers veteran Jonathan Schoop continues to struggle.

In 42 games thus far, the Tigers have seen Schoop slash .172/.217/.287 over his 166 plate appearances. He’s struck out 31 times and lately looks like he is throwing the bat out there with no intent to do damage.

With some of these swings, it’s tough to see him swing through breaking balls the way he has been, especially struggling the way he has been. There’s a vast amount of room to improve, and the veteran has shown the Tigers faithful what he can be; now, it’s time to do it.

It’s a long season, with over 110+ games left to go; there is hope for Schoop. But, if things are going to turn around, it has to start happening now; continuing to perform like this will not be able to be covered up by a good glove defensively.

As a 10-year veteran of the big leagues, it’s hard to see him go out and perform this way. Fans have to be hopeful, especially with him having a player option for the 2023 season.

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If things do not turn around for Schoop, it will make for a long summer and a long 2023 season when he elects to return to the organization after a troubling performance in 2022. Schoop is better than this, but something has to give, and he has to improve.