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Michigan State Spartans Recruiting: Jayru Campbell Should Remain A Spartan Recruit

Jayru Campbell has certainly made some mistakes. A über talented athlete player that any Division 1 football program would be happy to have.   But as it happens to so many talented people, they become bigger than the world they live in. The promise of their potential becomes more important than the reality of their life.

People with a inflated sense of self often make decisions that conflict with the rules of society.  Jayru Campbell was not immune to this and on Friday he was sentenced by a judge for pile driving a security guard.

The sentence of 60 days in jail with 75 hours of community services and 15 months probation also includes random drug tests and psychological exams.  A stiff penalty designed to help the talented youth get his life in order.

Campbell will begin serving his sentence following summer school on July 28th.  After he is released he will be able to enroll at Cass Tech in time to be eligible to play for the football team.

Some are appalled that Jayru Campbell will be eligible to play this up coming season.  Others feel that Campbell should be expelled from Cass Tech and have his scholarship offer from Michigan State University rescinded , delaying his academic and football career.

Jayru Campbell was sentenced by a judge (quiet severely) for his crime. Isn’t that enough punishment enough?

If the law is willing to let his conviction eventually fall of his record, shouldn’t we as a society allow it to fade from our memory? Why does the court of public opinion feel the need want to impose further penalty? Jayru Campbell made a mistake and although what he did was inexcusable the penalty imposed by the law (if completed) should be the only one he should serve.

Expelling him from school, preventing him from playing football, rescinding his scholarship from MSU would be unnecessary punishment.  Every person who has made a mistake and paid the penalty would like to be forgiven and move on with their lives. Our society is willing to  forgive adult athletes for far worse than assault.  Shouldn’t we extend the same forgiveness to a child?

Despite people’s attempt to shape the life of Jayru Campbell the only person that ultimate control over how his life turns out is Jaryru Campbell himself.  Hopefully he realizes he was given a second chance and make s the most of it…..a part of the Spartans football program.

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