Golden Tate Will Be A Pro-Bowler


Yes, I know, the Pro Bowl is un-watchable.

However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a few pro-bowlers on your team. Especially at a position where other than Calvin, the lions have struggled with.

Last year Golden Tate was a member of the Seattle Seahawks where he won a Super Bowl. He contributed 898 yards receiving and 5 touchdowns. Those aren’t exactly Pro Bowl numbers. However, he led the Seahawks in receiving.

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That may be because the Seahawks ranked 31st in pass attempts last season. Which really limited Tate’s chance to put up the yards he is capable of.

He won’t have that problem in Detroit.

The Lions ranked 5th in passing attempts last season so Tate will be seeing a lot more targets than he ever did with Seattle. Not only that but he will have Calvin Johnson on his team who will take on the double coverage and always face the opposing defense’s number 1 corner-back.

Which means Tate will face a lot of single coverage, he even will be facing the defense’s number 2 and sometimes number 3 corner-back.

Tate has gotten to know his new quarterback and is feeling very confident with his new teammate. When asked to compare his former quarterback Russel Wilson and Matthew Stafford, Tate didn’t shy away form stating his opinion

"“They both throw pretty balls, I would definitely say Matt Stafford’s balls get there way quicker… I’ve been in practice running a seam route when I thought I was covered, but he put a ball over my left shoulder and all of a sudden I was open.”"

Golden Tate is expected to play a big role in the Lions offense. The Lions have been looking for a #2 receiver to pair up with Megatron for years now and have never been able to fill that role.

Tate, by far is the best #2 the Lions have had in years. Which gives Lions fans a lot to be excited about for this offense.

It’s almost like a “Pick your poison” type of situation for opposing defenses when they face the Lions, if you focus too much on Calvin, Golden Tate has the ability to burn you.

You shift your focus on Tate and lose sight of Johnson, well just ask the Dallas Cowboys what happens when you do that.

Last season Golden Tate was just two yards away from the 900 yard mark, In a system that doesn’t like to throw the ball.

Now in Detroit, in a pass happy offense, teaming up with Megatron, Golden Tate could very easily go over 1000 yards and find himself in his 1st Pro Bowl.