Michigan Wolverines should stick with Devin Gardner


Sep 20, 2014; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback Devin Gardner (98) looks to throw a pass in the first quarter against the Utah Utes at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines continue to struggle offensively against formidable opponents and all the questions are “Do you take out Devin Gardner?”

My question is, why?

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I understand that people are quick to point the blame to Devin Gardner and say how he is a huge reason why the Wolverines are 2-2 right now and about to start Big Ten Conference play, but for who? Shane Morris? I understand he was a widely recruited quarterback out of high school and he has potential to be great, but he hasn’t done much in the time he has played.

His career stats right now stand at 36-of-67 for 340 yards and with no touchdowns but four interceptions on his resume. Does that sound like someone who has earned the opportunity to start now?

Doesn’t to me.

If they start Morris, then they are basically saying that it is time to tank the season.


That just hurts recruiting, the fan base, and the identity of Michigan.

As of right now, Gardner is the best option the Wolverines have of winning the Big Ten. They probably won’t, but he at least makes them a more competitive team.

Remember, it all isn’t on Devin Gardner.

Have you seen that offensive line? Neither have I since they seem to be nonexistent.

The amount of time Gardner has in the pocket is very little, which makes it hard for him stand back and make perfect throws. The offensive line used to be what represented Michigan. Now it just destroys it.

So to everyone who thinks start Morris now, you really want to put him in a position where he gets beat up, loses games, and struggles?

Or should we stick with the mobile quarterback, have Morris watch some more, and give him a full offseason where he is the starter and can feel more comfortable and confident about himself?

Scenario number two sounds like a better option.

Gardner right now needs to remain the starting quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines because he gives them the best opportunity to win games this season, and isn’t that what they play for?