Laser Pointing Fan Banned By The Detroit Lions From Future Ford Field Events


The Detroit Lions had a little help from a fan on Sunday when former head coach Jim Schwartz and the Buffalo Bills came to town for a week five matchup.

But the team isn’t appreciative of the assistance.

In fact, they’re banning him from all future events at Ford Field indefinitely for his actions.

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Social media can be a powerful thing, especially if it’s used to determine the culprit behind the laser pointer fiasco last weekend. Marko Beslach, who allegedly used a green laser on quarterback Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt, will not be allowed to return to the stadium for the unseeable future.

Team president Tom Lewand addressed the media following the incident, who said that this an issue that has occurred only once in over a decade.

"“In 13 years, there’s been one incident,” Lewand said (via ESPN). “We feel like it is something that is a very serious incident, one that we’ve taken very seriously. We’ve dealt with it swiftly and with every weapon at our disposal, so to speak, and we certainly hope that the attention that we’ve paid to this will deter anybody who is thinking of doing this in the future and now they understand the ramifications.”"

Figuring out who used the laser pointer to give the Lions an advantage on the field wasn’t difficult to determine, considering that Beslach tweeted out what he did to his followers.

“You see a green light on any of the bills players just laugh cause it’s me,” Beslach said in a tweet.

“Got Kyle Orton complained to the ref when I got him with the laser,” Beslach wrote later on.

Lewand also iterated that Beslach will have to pay a small fine and was also cited for disorderly conduct. The person who gave the ticket to Beslach for the game will have his season-tickets revoked for this season.

Following their 17-14 loss at home, the Lions will travel to Minnesota to play their second division game of the season when they take on rookie-quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikings.