Michigan Wolverines: De’Veon Smith Looks To Make Most Of Opportunity


After the Michigan Wolverines lost running back Derrick Green for the season due to a broken collarbone, the rushing attack subtracted from two to one.

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Enter sophomore running back De’Veon Smith.

Smith has made a lot of great plays in relief of Green this season as he has been able to provide a one-two combo that showed promise this season before the fallout began for the Michigan Wolverines.

With Green down though, look for Smith to try to take advantage of this opportunity.

While Green does lead the team with 471 yards rushing, Smith is second with 282 yards of his own and has rushed for four touchdowns this season. Smith has shown he can get the job done, averaging six yards per carry so far this season.

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Smith and Green both show similar running styles. Both are downhill runners and resort to their power rather than speed to gain yards. So the Wolverines aren’t losing much at running back, but my statement always has been that you can never have too many running backs. Luckily for the Wolverines and for Smith, he won’t be alone.

Running backs Justice Hayes and Drake Johnson will be in the rotation with Smith, both providing a little more speed than Smith in a thunder and lightning approach. Look for the Wolverines to rotate all three running backs to make sure they can have fresh legs against a good Penn State defense.

As for Smith though, he will be taking the majority of the carries.

Look for Smith to show that not only could be the starter now, but that he could potentially be the starter next season as well.

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