Michigan Wolverines: Shot at a Big Ten Title is No More


A few weeks ago, there was an article for Detroit Jock City about talking about the Michigan Wolverines finding a way to turn it around and win the Big Ten Title and that being the only way Brady Hoke keeps his job.

Now you are probably wondering, who is the guy to write that silly of an article?

Well, it was me.

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In the article, I talked about how they could find a way to upset Michigan State and Ohio State and winning the Big Ten East division. That may have well just me being a hopeful fan wishing it could happen, but as we saw this past Saturday against the Spartans, it won’t.

It looks as if Michigan has reached its lowest point of the season.

Quarterback Devin Gardner played bad and had some very questionable interceptions he threw.

Wide receiver Devin Funchess, who is built to be a top NFL prospect, didn’t look like he wanted to catch the ball.

And of course, Hoke showing why he will most likely be fired at the end of the season.

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From a recruiting standpoint, these are Hoke’s players. Not saying they are all bad, but they aren’t being developed properly and it has shown as his team continues to get worse and worse each year.

For the team, there just doesn’t seem to be any emotion or life on the sideline and for good reason. It is hard to be excited about playing games when you are struggling the way they are.

The Wolverines, who now have three losses in the Big Ten, will try and salvage any hope they have the rest of the season as they try to make it to some kind of bowl game. In order to do so, they have to win three of their next four games, a tall task to ask for but one that can certainly be done.