Detroit Lions News: C.J. Mosley Reinstated Early


The latest Detroit Lions news comes just one day after the details of the original story were released. Yesterday, ESPN’s NFL insider, Chris Mortensen revealed the specifics in regards to the suspension of Detroit Lions defensive tackle, C.J. Mosley.

Mosley was originally sent home from London, England  just one day before the Lions squared off with the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium. At the time of the incident, the team kept quiet on the details. The only thing we knew was that Mosley was suspended for two games for “conduct detrimental to the club.”

Almost a full week later, Mortensen released the reasoning for the suspension.

24 hours after the reason for the disciplinary action went public, the Lions reinstated Mosley early — nine days into his 14 day suspension. Mosley did not miss a single practice and only one game.

Head coach Jim Caldwell was quickly questioned by the media, as to what kind of message it sends when a player receives a nine days suspension for drug use.

"“What I think is that, without question, whenever we take an action, I think the team understands what we’re trying to get accomplished,” Caldwell said. “I’ve explained it to them, and we’re moving forward.”"

Caldwell would not say whether Mosley is or was facing charges in England. He also wouldn’t give a direct answer as to who ultimately made the decision to suspend Mosley, only saying that the decision was made collectively by the organization.

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Players who violate the drug policy are supposed to be disciplined by the league, and they are not subjected to a suspension until a fourth offense, per the collectively bargained policy.

As we stated in an article yesterday in regards to Mosley’s suspension, the defensive tackle and the NFLPA have filed a grievance over his lost wages, according to ESPN.

With Mosley reinstated by Detroit, he is set to start to for the Lions against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. He will take the place of Nick Fairley who is sidelined for the next month with a sprained knee.

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