Jayru Campbell: Former Michigan State Commit Sentenced To Seven Months In Jail


The fallout of Cass Tech high school quarterback, Jayru Campbell started when the Technicians lost to Detroit Catholic Central in the MHSAA playoffs last year.

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Following Cass Tech’s 28-0 defeat to the Shamrocks in the semifinals, Campbell can be seen punching an opposing player in the handshake lines. The former Michigan State commit had to be restrained by coaches before being suspended by both principal Lisa Phillips and by Alvin Ward, director of athletics for the Detroit Public School League.

A few months later, Campbell was in the news again for all of the wrong reasons. A video that was shot by a Cass Tech student depicts Campbell and a security guard getting into an altercation.

But it was Campbell who decided that using brute force was the way to end the situation, as he body slams the officer to the ground in front of a large group of students.

The incident, which occurred on January 22 of this year, resulted in Campbell being arraigned on charges of assault with intent to do great bodily harm and aggravated assault. He served a 60-day jail sentenced this past summer.

Now, Campbell is back in jail as he’ll serve a seven month sentence after violating his probation as a result of him physically assaulting his girlfriend on school grounds.

The assault on his girlfriend was caught on video, which shows the 17-year-old choking the woman and then throwing her down on the ground. His teammates later came by and had to restrain Campbell away from the situation.

According to Eric D. Lawrence of the Detroit Free Press, Campbell was charged with unarmed robbery and assault with intent to do great bodily harm, but both charges were later dropped because of a lack of evidence.

There’s no question that Campbell’s second time behind bars will negatively affect his chances of continuing his football career in the college ranks.

It’s a story of a high school athlete, who had aspirations of playing underneath the lights at a division one program, is now suddenly transformed into a juvenile criminal. We can only hope that Campbell turns his life around, not just on the football field, but outside of the white lines as well.