Detroit Lions V Arizona Cardinals Key To The Game, Live Stream


The Detroit Lions travel to Phoenix to take on the Arizona Cardinals that could determine home field advantage for the NFL Playoffs.

The Cardinals have been one of the NFL’s best teams this season and they have been doing it without superstars.  Arizona has overcome a number of injuries in the course of building an NFC best 8-1 record.  A win today could go along way to earning the right to stay at home for the entire play-offs, including the Superbowl.

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The Detroit Lions have superstars but those stars have also struggled with injuries.  Calvin Johnson has missed two games this season and has been completely ineffective in others due to injury.  Reggie Bush has struggled to stay on the field and top draft choice Eric Ebron has also struggled to stay healthy.

But even with all the injuries on offense the Detroit Lions have managed to win behind the strength of their defense.  NaDamukong Suh has led the Detroit Lions defense to a #1 ranking.  The Detroit Lions will depend on their defense once again to help hand the Arizona Cardinals their second loss and take control of the NFC.

Detroit Lions Keys To Victory

Keep Stafford Standing

The Detroit Lions will need to max protect against the Arizona Cardinals blitz happy defense. Arizona sends multiple defenders after the passer every down.  The Lions may have to play fullback Jed Collins to keep the pressure off the quarterback.  That means Matt Stafford is going to have to make quick decisions with once less target on the field.

No Drops

Although it has been much improved this season, the Detroit Lions have the habit of dropping passes.  Because Stafford will be under enormous pressure the entire game he will have to make quick decisions.  That means the Detroit Lions receivers will have to have their heads on a swivel and be ready to catch the ball when it is in the air.  This especially considering the Arizona Cardinals hard-hitting secondary will be playing tight coverage.

Successful Screens

In order to keep the pressure off of Stafford the success of the Detroit Lions screen game will be vital part of the offense. If the Lions can get some yardage off the screen, Arizona will be forced to play more containment.  That could leave time for Calvin Johnson to get open downfield.

Live Stream Link: If you too are on the road but in danger of missing the big game.  Dont’ sweat.  Click HERE for a link to the only officially licensed and 100% safe live stream of the game.