Detroit Lions, New England Patriots Preview


After a tough loss in the desert, things won’t get any easier for the Detroit Lions, who will now head to Foxboro to take on one of the NFL’s hottest teams, the New England Patriots.

It seems like a life time ago that the Patriots were embarrassed by the Kansas City Chiefs and every so called expert started to write them off. All that seemed to of do was upset Tom Brady, who’s been lighting it up and has led the Patriots to six straight wins, including back to back wins over the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts.

Tom Brady is having another terrific season, 2,649 yards 24 touchdowns to only 5 interceptions, he’s easily up for the MVP this season. His favorite target of course, is Rob Gronkowski who looks like a grown man play among children. Seriously, just tossing defenders off of him.

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No doubt, this top ranked defense will have their hands full. There is no stopping Tom Brady, but the Lions will have to try to slow him down, by getting after him early, and often.

Drew Stanton had all the time in the world to pass last week, give a good quarterback that much time, let alone one of the best, it’s gonna be a long day.

The match-up of the day will be Calvin Johnson vs Darrelle Revis.

Megatron was held in check for much of last week when he squared off against Patrick Peterson, he will now face another tough battle. If the Lions offense wants to get anything going they’re going to need Calvin to win this match-up.

On paper, the Patriots have a very average defense, not bad, not great,

Only problem is the Lions’ offense has been very disappointing this season. The trio of Stafford, Tate and Calvin have to make up for last week’s poor outing or single digits could very well be possible again.


A motivated Tom Brady? At Foxboro? Playing his best football not only of this season, but in a while?

It’s tough to go with the Lions here.

New England is the hottest team in football right now, Lions have to fix their offensive struggles.

47. 13. 50. Final. 27

To makes matters worse the Packers travel to Minnesota in a game where they will be heavy favorites. NFC North lead may slip.

On the bright side, the next four teams the Lions play, have losing records.