Detroit Lions: Wide Receiver Golden Tate A Potential MVP Candidate?


Going from reigning Super Bowl champions to potentially finding their way out of the playoffs wasn’t the situation the Seattle Seahawks were hoping to be in heading into week 12.

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Faced with the realization that they aren’t the same dominant football team as they were before, the Seahawks have struggled to find bright spots on their roster, specifically the passing game.

Russell Wilson, the starting quarterback for Seattle, has thrown for 2,019 yards and 13 touchdowns on 182-of-291 passing through 10 games this season. He currently ranks 16th in passer rating (90.2) and 29th in yards thrown per game (202).

So why the sudden fall out from the 2012 Rookie of the Year recipient? He has no weapons in his arsenal after the departures of Percy Harvin and Golden Tate.

Doug Baldwin, the No. 1 wide receiver on the Seahawks’ depth chart, has caught just 38 receptions for 440 yards this season. The lack of a passing game has caused Seattle to be ranked second-to-last in that category.

In comparison, Tate is ranked sixth among all wide receivers in yards (950) and third in catches (68), only behind former Central Michigan standout Antonio Brown (88) and Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos (72).

After witnessing how the Seahawks have done through the air this season must have the team’s front office kicking themselves in the foot, considering how much of an asset Tate can be for any high-powered offense.

When asked about the situation going on in Seattle, Tate didn’t have much remorse for his former team, considering how disrespected he felt this past offseason when the Seahawks made little effort to resign the Notre Dame graduate.

"“Their problem,” Tate said. “Now they don’t have me or Percy (Harvin).”"

In the 10 games that Tate has played for the Detroit Lions, his impact has already been praised by the folks who spent hundreds of their cold, hard cash to flock down to Ford Field every Sunday afternoon.

His production has also been recognized by the NFL on social media and their official website. Chris Wesseling of wrote an article this past Wednesday on his top 10 potential MVP candidates. On his list, he ranks Tate at No. 10, behind the likes of Aaron Rodgers, JJ Watt, Jamaal Charles and Andrew Luck.

Wesseling believes that the Tate signing is the reason why the Lions are currently in playoff contention for the first time in three years. Without Tate taking the reps while Calvin Johnson was recovering from a high-ankle sprain, Detroit would be on the clock for another high draft pick next spring.

"Tate almost singlehandedly kept the offense afloat for a month with Calvin Johnson nursing a high-ankle sprain. Beyond ranking third in receptions and sixth in receiving yards, Tate has shown a penchant for game-changing plays in clutch situations. The Lions would be on the outside of the playoff hunt looking in if not for the Tate signing in March."