Detroit Lions Will Need To Step It Up On Turkey Day


Obviously speaking, the Detroit Lions were slaughtered in their 34-9 loss against the New England Patriots.

The Lions had many failures all game including Quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s ungraceful slide on 4th landing just 10 inches away from the 1st down. But their most embarrassing moment was probably when Dominic Raiola admitted to aiming at a Patriots player’s legs near the end of the game.

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Among a day full of failures, there are very few positives to take away from this game. The only thing you could say about this game was probably the Lions having 3 healthy Tight Ends for the first time in weeks. Then even that positive becomes sour the moment you mention Eric Ebron‘s multiple drops.

Stafford had one of his worst games from the field too. He threw 18-46 (39%) for just 264 yards and 1 interception. In Week 11 against the Arizona Cardinals, Stafford only threw 18-30 (60%) for 183 yards and 1 interception. Heck, the last time the Lions had a touchdown was their game-winner in the closing seconds against the Miami Dolphins. The offense has been putrid and uninspired since.

Nothing is coming easy for these Lions the last couple of games. After falling out of the magical playoff bubble the Lions will need to come together and string off a few wins.

It all starts on Thanksgiving afternoon against the Chicago Bears. For now, this game is the game for the Lions.

And so will the next game. And then the next game after that. If the Lions really want to walk away with a NFC North title this year they will have to look at each game one game at a time.

The next 4 games will all be winnable for the Lions. If they get their business done like they have shown this season, the season has some remaining hope.

Is it time to panic? Probably not. At 7-4, it’s not the end of the world. The offense hasn’t scored a touchdown in 2 games which is frightening, but there is still time. Even the defense will have a chance to shine these next few weeks.

For now though the Lions need to focus on their Turkey Day opponent, the Chicago Bears.