Detroit Jock City Staff Writer Of The Week: Zach Libby


We have a great group of hard-working writers at Detroit Jock City. Some of them are experienced writers who came from popular websites. Some came from print media. Some just wanted the experience of writing for a sports website.  No matter where our writers came from they all have one thing in common: An undying love and passion for Detroit sports.

With the Detroit Jock City Writer Of The Week award we recognize the hard work done by one of our dedicated staff over that last week.

Last week Gwen De Young was recognized as DJC’s featured writer.

This week that writer is Zach Libby. We asked Zach a few questions about himself and what inspires him.

We hope you enjoy getting to know him through his interview:

DJC: Tell us a little about yourself and why did you chose to write for Detroit Jock City.

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"Libby: I’ve been blessed with the amount of opportunities I received since picking up a pen and paper less than two years ago. As a writer for the Detroit Free Press and FanSided network, it’s allowed me to cover certain events and interview certain athletes that I never thought could be possible.I joined Detroit Jock City because I wanted a site where I could express my opinions and objectivity on every professional and collegiate team in Michigan. Seeing your work appear on the front page of Google News, alongside other major networks like ESPN and CBS is something that makes you feel like you’re doing something right as an aspiring sports writer."

DJC: When you came to DJC you already had a wealth of experience writing for other FanSided blogs like Hoops Habit. What do you enjoy most about writing for a sports website?

"Libby: The thing I enjoy most about writing for a sports website is seeing the success of my colleagues. As humbling as that may sound, it also gives me the motivation to write an article late at night or edit a draft one more in ordered to make it sound perfect. Watching other writers do well propels me to self-improve each and every day."

DJC: What was your favorite post from the last week and what inspired it?

"Libby: My favorite post is past week was my piece on the Detroit Tigers resigning Joel Hanrahan. The most wonderful time of the year is the MLB offseason. Going on social media to see which team dumped large amounts of money on a highly coveted free agent is always exciting to watch. It’s even more riveting when you hear the Tigers in the news announcing a player signing. Lets hope that Hanrahan can make a contribution to the bullpen next season."

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