Why Michigan Wolverines Will Give All They Got In “The Game”


The Game.

Known to many as the biggest rivalry in all of sports. For the Michigan Wolverines, it means more to them this season than ever before.

We all know the Michigan Wolverines haven’t had the best year, it’s obvious. A quarterback situation that can’t be solved, a wide receiving core that has played below expectations, and a defense that can only their own for so long.

However, the Wolverines can finish the year on the highest note if they are able to pull off the major upset against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Think about it, the Wolverines have nothing to lose at this point.

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They must win to in order to become bowl eligible.

This will most likely be head coach Brady Hoke’s last game if they lose.

Plus, they have a chance to end the playoff hopes of the Buckeyes if they are able to find a way to win.

All this sets up to be a recipe for the best game of the season from the Wolverines.

When you look at the matchup last season, the Wolverines were just a two-point conversion away from getting the win in a close 42-41 contest.

Many questioned the choice to go for two by Hoke, but it wasn’t his decision. Last year when asked about the decision, former Michigan left tackle Taylor Lewan stated “Coach Hoke asked us seniors, do you want to go for it, we all said yes.” If put in that situation again, don’t be surprised to see the same choice made, hopefully with a better play call though.

The seniors have a lot to play for, especially quarterback Devin Gardner.

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This season has been an up and down year for the senior quarterback, there has been no doubt about it. But this looks familiar.

Last year going into “The Game,” Gardner was having a similar type of season. In his final game of 2013 though, he laid it all on the field.

Playing through a broken foot in the second half, Gardner finished the game with four touchdowns and threw for 451 yards in the narrow defeat. I know many people don’t like Gardner as a quarterback, but one thing is for sure, he has heart and toughness that is hard to find in a starting quarterback.

In possibly his last game, look for Gardner to do whatever he can to help the Wolverines go out on top.

They say no matter how bad your season is, if you beat your biggest rival, then you had a great year.

Look for the Wolverines to give everything they got and more to end the Buckeyes playoff hopes.