Jim Harbaugh to Michigan a good bet—but still premature


Sportsbook Bovada has Jim Harbaugh becoming Michigan’s next football coach as an even-money pick.

CBS sportscaster Joe Pequeno tweeted that Harbaugh was just a signed contract away, and other reporters and bloggers all but have the transaction completed.

But no one can definitely say Harbaugh has the job.

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Pequeno has gone as far as having Harbaugh being introduced (he needs no introduction) in Ann Arbor Tuesday, logically during halftime of the Michigan-Illinois basketball game.

One thing reported by a couple of reliable sources (NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport and Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman)  is that Michigan interim athletic director Jim Hackett, along with his  search committee, are in San Francisco this weekend in hopes of getting a contact signed.

Hackett hoping

Since Harbaugh’s last game with the 49ers is Sunday (Dec. 28), Hackett is hoping the contract’s quickly signed, because there’s little time to waste assembling a staff and organizing a recruiting strategy.

The Wolverines have only six verbal commits for the 2015 class with one being a kicker. A “full” class would be about 16 this season, so Harbaugh a his staff will be busy soon.

Besides the “supposed”  introduction at the basketball game, our friends over at mgoblog.com already have a t-shirt for sale with the words “It’s Happening” lettered across the front, and having the No. 4 replace the letter A.

Harbaugh, of course, wore No. 4  when he was a quarterback for Michigan from 1983-86.

Rivals.com’s Skip Balas is concerned about the celebration that may occur in Ann Arbor when the announcement is made. “The Search: It’s all but over ($),” he tweeted. “Hopefully Michigan fans take the high road in celebrating when it is.”

By the way, it’s much to cold to be burning old couches.

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