Detroit Lions Mayhew Feeling Heat of Own Mistakes


There’s little to defend yet, some are quick to argue “11-5” when in all reality this 11-5 express was nothing more than a grain of hope for an organization and fan base that’s won nothing.

Martin Mayhew said during the week of the combine that they were confident they would sign Suh, that was just to appease the Detroit Lions fan base.

The Detroit Lions Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand are to blame for Suh not resigning with the team. Last summer Detroit shut down negotiations with the defensive tackle when he came to the Lions and said “Make me the highest paid player,”. Detroit shut down contract talks, after Gerald McCoy and J.J. Watt signed their massive deals Suh was gone, but the Lions continued to play “We’re in talks and close” when clearly they never were.

Even still, the Lions went into last years draft knowing they could lose Suh, Fairley or both. Even knowing that, they drafted Tight End Eric Ebron and passed on DT Aaron Donald (Defensive Rookie of the Year).

Detroit’s Martin Mayhew said “I have 1,000 regrets” and recently said “I was over aggressive in the 2011 drafts”

Even after admitting, he’s screwed up thousands of times – he continues to screw up. George Johnson a defensive end that was very good here in Detroit was a “Tendered” however for an extra 800 thousand dollars he would’ve tendered a 2nd round pick however that’s not the “Lion way.”

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Tampa Bay signed the restricted free agent George Johnson to a three-year deal and is worth $9 million dollars. The Lions will receive nothing for compensation, because obviously they can’t match the offer Detroit has no cap room.

The Lions mismanagement keeps mounting, I didn’t fear Suh leaving. I was against signing Suh especially after the McCoy and Watt deals and the Lions couldn’t afford to do so.

What I feared was what was the Lions plan on losing three defensive tackles? Little did I know their plan was to trade a 4th and 5th rounder to Baltimore for Haloti Ngata. As good as Ngata is, he’s no Suh.

Then, the Lions sign Tyrunn Walker which is a good signing however I’m not crazy about it and to think Ngata/Walker is better than Fairley, Suh and Mosley from a financial stand put it is better, but on the field to think Ngata and Walker is better than Suh, Fairley and Mosley combo  is delusional and comical at best.

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The Lions management is on the hot seat. For me personally, Detroit has to nail the draft, completely nail the draft with the limited amount of picks they have to even compete for a playoff spot.

You look at this division, Green Bay they’re not going anywhere, Minnesota Vikings for the moment have Adrian Peterson and if they go into the season having AP, not counting the draft they’re better the Detroit Lions.

At this point right now, you’re an 8-8 team even with the talent you have on the offensive end it doesn’t matter. The Lions haven’t addressed the needs on the offensive line and with three picks in the first five rounds of the NFL draft, tell me how they can address the needs at Running back, Guard, Tackle and Defensive tackle.

I get it, I really do, the Lions have the chance to make due on this by counting on cap casualties by training camp and the draft they have time, but this is a sketchy moment for the Lions front office.

I’m firmly of the belief, this is a “Show me” year. I’m holding the Lions to a standard this year, and if it doesn’t happen major changes need to come and it’s simple.

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Detroit Lions place DT Alim McNeill on IR amid flurry of roster moves /

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  • Make playoffs and win a playoff game.

    Detroit fans have been giving nothing for their loyalties to a team that has over and over again made the same mistakes.

    To me, there’s no excuse that could help Mayhew keep his job if he doesn’t win a playoff game, the only excuse I would accept is Stafford getting injured other than that expectations remain the same no matter what.

    I’m might be sounding like a “Hater” or “Bad fan” if I came on here and wrote this story saying the Lions are fine and they’ll win the North with no problems. I’d be a disservice to the people I try to connect with, the people I try to relate too and I wouldn’t be proud of that.

    I’m a Lions fan, I have been for many years however I’m not willing to shade my beliefs because it’s my team. I expect to win, I don’t ask any more from a team, yes they went 11-5 and yes, it was a great step in the right direction.

    However when you look back on this off-season I can’t say without a doubt how this team has got better, while teams around you are getting better even in your own division.

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