Understanding the NFL Draft and the Detroit Lions Needs

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The draft is so close you can taste it. The excitement around the NFL is growing as fans of every team are wondering who their team will select. If you’re a Detroit Lions fan you have a pretty good understanding of what the Lions need to help the return to the playoffs.

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The NFL Draft is often misunderstood. Fans look at the draft as if it’s an ATM full of talent and each team has the pin code for the same account. What teams are really going on is possibility. Each pick is a developmental prospect and some work out faster than others. Of the 224 players drafted last year only five or six of them had a productive season that showed flashes of superstar potential. To consider the other 218 selections a bust is misunderstanding what the draft is.

Players take time to develop. Deandre Levy for example was a 3rd round pick in 2009 and while he turned in some decent early seasons. It took him five seasons to become what he is now. It’s all about development and time.

There are 4 positions that need to be addressed more than others. Here is a breakdown of those positions and a few candidates that can fill them.

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