Detroit Tigers Week In Review: Week 2


(Writer’s Note: This will be a weekly issue but what’s highlighted in the article may be changing on a week-by-week basis until there’s some stability. Until then, enjoy! If you want to read Week 1’s issue, click here.)

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Week 2 was all but a blur for these Detroit Tigers as they continue on their quest toward a World Series. While they weren’t perfect they were still sparkling as they won both their series against playoff hopeful teams.

The Tigers look like a much more balanced team compared to seasons past and it’s really not that close. Their defense has been impressive for the first time in a long time. While nobody knows if the starters can continue their pace (Note: probably not) they’ve won games at a frightening pace.

They’ve been masking the bullpen’s shakiness by pitching so many innings and that’s helped this team a lot. Coupled with the fact that now-closer Joakim Soria has been lights out recently this Tigers team should be brimming with confidence.

The hitters slumped a bit this week but it’s also lead to a bunch of close games for this squad, which they’ve won handily.

The Tigers have been winning not only blowouts but they’ve grinded out tough pitcher’s duels in their favor. Tigers fans should be more than excited watching this team going into the rest of the season. And now, a look back to Week 2:

Week 2 Record: 4-2


@ PIT: 2-1

vs CWS: 2-1

Pitcher of the Week: Shane Greene (2 GS, 15.0 IP, 1 R, 1 ER, 6 K, 4 BB, 0.60 ERA)

Hitter of the Week: Miguel Cabrera (0.318 (7-22), 0 HR, 2 RBI, 2 BB)

Game of the Week: Friday, April 17th vs Chicago White Sox 2-1 W

The “Game of the Week” for Week 2 was highlighted with Jose Iglesias‘ walk-off single to win the game. The most exciting way to win and most satisfying way against the hated rivals from Chicago.

The game also highlighted a lot of the Tigers’ woes over Week 2. The bats really fell quiet for a while until they exploded on Sunday against the White Sox and Jose Quintana.

The way they won this game was also impressive. David Price pitched an absolute gem against Jeff Samardzija who matched him inning-by-inning. While the offense missed a lot of opportunities to score runs they got the job done when it mattered the most.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the game though was the blown call that set up the game-winning run. All in all it was a fun game to watch as the Tigers kept their hot streak going.

Surprise Performance of the Week:

Alfredo Simon vs Pittsburgh Pirates 04/15/15

Line: 8.0 IP, 0 ER, 2 K, 2 H, 0 BB, 108 pitches

Simon would go out and throw an absolute gem against the Pittsburgh Pirates in his one start of the week. He scattered only two hits behind a stellar defense.

Just like Greene last week this performance was a bit surprising. Simon is supposed to be this team’s #5 pitcher but he pitched like an ace on his schedule turn of the rotation.

He looked dominant out there getting out after out. Manager Brad Ausmus was so confident in him he let him bat in the 7th inning of a 1-run game to let him get one more inning out of him.

Soria would lock up the 9th for Simon as went on to win his second game as Tiger. There’s no doubting that Simon pitched a gem and if he can pitch anywhere close to that level for the rest of the season this Tigers team is looking better than ever.

Biggest Takeaway from Week 2

Detroit Tigers
Detroit Tigers /

Detroit Tigers

A new segment to this weekly issue of the Detroit Tigers, Week 2’s biggest takeaway was easily Joakim Soria being dominant all week.

He was asked to pitch on back-to-back-to-back days and promptly went 1-2-3 in each of his outings. While he only had the closers role because Joe Nathan is out it is welcoming to see him being the dominant force the Tigers need him to be.

When Nathan comes back it’s a legitimate debate if Soria loses his job but hopefully he doesn’t. There’s been no drama whatsoever so far in his outings and that’s amazing to see.

This week should have Tigers fans feeling a lot more confident in not only their bullpen but also 9th inning. It’s been a while since there’s been no drama in the 9th.

Upcoming Schedule 4/20-4/26


vs NYY 4/20-4/23

Game Times: 4/20: 7:08 PM, 4/21: 7:08 PM, 4/22: 7:08 PM, 4/23: 1:08 PM

vs CLE 4/24-4/26

Game Times: 4/24: 7:08 PM, 4/25: 1:08 PM, 4/26: 1:08 PM

The Tigers have a week-long home stand as they face The Evil Empire and the tribe afterwards. The New York Yankees have been mediocre so far as they stumble out to their current 6-6 record.

While it’s hard to say if they’ll make the playoffs Alex Rodriguez has made his comeback. Surprisingly, he hasn’t been too bad as he’s been bashing home runs now and then.

Afterwards the Tigers face the Cleveland Indians for their second series of the 2015 campaign. After the Tigers swept them right in front of their home crowd this team should be motivated enough for revenge.

These Indians are still a pretty solid team and if the Tigers are caught off-guard they might lose this series against them. While every game (even in April) does count games against division rivals will be even more vital as the Tigers will try to gain an edge on their opponent.

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