NFL Draft: Top five Cornerback prospects for the Detroit Lions

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The Detroit Lions need a corner in this years draft but do any of these choices make sense in the first round? Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

In last years draft, everybody in the Detroit Lions fan base expected Martin Mayhew and Co. to select defensive back with the 10th pick.  The Lions biggest need was in the secondary and everybody knew it.

The front office didn’t think so, as they selected Eric Ebron with the 10th pick, showing that they had confidence in the secondary.  While shocking and infuriating a good portion of the fan base (including myself), it did give Matthew Stafford the potential third weapon that he needs.

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Which leads the Lions to the same situation in this years draft.  With the 23rd pick, the Lions could redeem themselves from last years draft.

Also like last years draft, there’s a talent drop off after the first few guys are off the board at cornerback.  With this, if the Lions decide to go with cornerback, they have to do so in the first round or else they’ll most likely pass up on the position until the fourth round and beyond.

Now, let’s take a look at some cornerback prospects that could fit on this Lions roster.