Detroit Lions top five NFL Draft busts

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#2 Mike Williams

Mike Williams was selected as the 10th overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft.

Williams was selected during the Lions “let’s draft a receiver every first round” phase. Like the picks before him –Charles Rogers and Roy Williams— Detroit swung and missed on Mike Williams.

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From the beginning it was a shaky pick, Williams had sat out for an entire year due to draft ineligibility. But Williams had a very nice couple of years at USC, totaling 176 receptions, 2,579 yards and 30 touchdowns in two seasons. So why not give it a shot? He could fit right in with the Hall of Fame bound receivers we had like Scottie Vines, Eddie Drummond and a personal favorite, Mike Furrey.

Turns out, they shouldn’t have. Williams survived two season with the Lions, appearing in 22 games and caught just two touchdowns.

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