Detroit Tigers Week In Review: Week 3


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Week 3 for the Detroit Tigers was where fans and critics alike saw them stumble a bit on their quest to a World Series.

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They posted their first losing record for a week and there was even a 4-game losing streak in the middle of it all.

While there were concerns about the hitters all the way back in Week 2 it didn’t seem to matter as the pitching got the job done. Except when the starters and bullpen struggled (which was bound to happen), games seemed to slip away from these Tigers.

Fans don’t exactly want to see the Tigers drop 3 of 4 to the New York Yankees at home due to their lack of talent. But the Tigers bounced back nicely against the Cleveland Indians the next series.

While it’s still April these games against AL Central division rivals still remain the most crucial. After all, it was only in 2013 when the Tigers won the division by 1 mere game. Their 15-4 head-to-head record against the Indians became important after all.

With more important division games coming up in Week 4 these Tigers will have to be a bit more better. While they still look like the class of the American League it’s still far too early to speculate.

And now, a look back at Week 3:

Record: 3-4


vs NYY 1-3

vs CLE 2-1

Pitcher of the Week: Alfredo Simon (14 IP, 2 R, 2 ER, 10 K, 2 BB, 1.29 ERA)

Hitter of the Week: Rajai Davis (0.538 (7-13), 0 HR, 1 3B, 2 RBI, 7 R)

Game of the Week: Monday, April 20th vs New York Yankees 2-1 W

While it was short-lived, Week 3’s “Game of the Week” highlighted the moment where the Tigers had the best record in Major League Baseball.

The game had the typical pitchers duel between Alfredo Simon (the pitcher of the week) and CC Sabathia. While it was a bit scary to watch the Tigers offense struggle against the former-ace.

They were finally able to get Sabathia in the 7th inning when Yoenis Cespedes‘ single up the middle scored Victor Martinez from 2nd base.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the game though was when J.D. Martinez was caught in the run-down after Victor scored. While the fans and media criticized Yankees center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury for not trying to gun down Victor “running” home he opted to go for the other Martinez instead.

Surprise Performance of the Week

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  • Alfredo Simon vs Cleveland Indians 4-25-15

    Line: 6.2 IP, 1 ER, 3 K, 6 H, 2 BB, 111 pitches

    Mired in a 4-game losing streak going into the game the Tigers needed a strong pitching performance that day. It also didn’t help that their bats were struggling to get anything going.

    Simon came out of the gate dealing once again. While it’s hard to see Simon continue his hot streak based on his track record he now has a sparkling 4-0 record on the season.

    He has a 1.65 ERA on the season and has been absolutely killing it. At this point it might even be hard to say how his performances are surprising (small sample sizes aside).

    If Simon can continue his recent trend that would be huge for this Tigers team.

    Biggest Takeaway from Week 3

    Easily the biggest takeaway from Week 3 is that this Tigers team is not invincible. They’re prone to struggle for stretches just like any other baseball team in MLB history.

    However it doesn’t mean that they’re not good. While the bullpen struggled at times throughout the week almost everyone in the nation expected that.

    The bats also had a bit of a cold streak along with the pitcher’s cold streaks which made the 4-game losing streak a bit of an issue

    They bounced back nicely though to win 2 out of 3 against the Cleveland Indians. The Tigers have done well so far against their division foes which is crucial to the rest of the season.

    While they’ve played 3 of 4 division foes their match-up this week against the Kansas City Royals will be vital. How they do against them will set up the early AL Central supremacy.

    Upcoming Schedule 4/27-5/3

    @ MIN 4/27-4/29

    Game Times: 4/27 8:10 PM, 4/28 8:10 PM, 4/29 1:10 PM

    @ KCR 4/30-5/3

    Game Times: 4/30 8:10 PM, 5/1 8:10 PM, 5/2 7:10 PM, 5/3 2:10 PM

    The Tigers this week head to the road to battle it out with two of their division rivals. Just like mentioned before these games against division rivals are so crucial if you want to win the division.

    While the Minnesota Twins aren’t too scary they still gave the Tigers fits last year. If they let their guard down they might drop 2 of 3 to the Twinkies.

    It might be hard though to not look ahead past the Twins this week for the players and fans alike. After their duel with the Twins the Tigers will visit Kauffman Stadium to get their first look at the new-look Kansas City Royals.

    The surprising 2014 World Champs every game against the Royals is going to factor into the division race down the stretch. A statement series against the Royals will be huge for the Tigers.

    On top of it all it should be noted how “chippy” the Royals have been so far in the season. With all the suspensions they’re gathering the Tigers should be weary of breaking any unwritten rules of baseball.

    The last thing this team needs is an unnecessary injury from a team that’s been a bit fiery (to say the least) to begin the season.