Detroit Red Wings: Babcock is Center of Bidding War


Detroit Red Wings may now have more competition for head coach Mike Babcock. This time it is a team that many thought may not be in the race long-term; the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Babcock seemed to be in deep contract talks with the Buffalo Sabres according to sources yesterday and well into the this morning.

With Toronto know in the game for Babcock, does that mean we will have to wait longer for his decision? Who knows, no one seems to really know what is going to happen with Babcock. Bob McKenzie put it perfectly that this decision can go either way.

All Babcock gave us was a date that he was going to make his choice, he didn’t give us a time. We could find out at noon today, or we could find out during the second intermission of the New York Rangers Tampa Bay Lightning game tonight. No one really knows and that is that.

Now the bidding war will more than likely continue, it will be interesting to see if Toronto goes full-out for Babcock. Will Buffalo give up? How badly do these two teams want this one coach? This only ends well for one person that being Mike Babcock, he gets paid and get to go coach a team of his choice.

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According to Bob McKenzie, Buffalo has dropped out of the running for Babcock

According to another TSN insider through McKenzie the Detroit Red Wings are also out for Babcock

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