Lions: Quandre Diggs Making Good Early Impression


The Detroit Lions selected Quandre Diggs in the sixth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, but he’s making a good early impression despite being a late pick.

The Detroit Lions weren’t knocked for their 2015 NFL Draft but they didn’t receive many rave reviews either. With some production from their class of day three picks, draft re-grades could end up more kind to what the Lions did in the last draft.

One of the players the Lions drafted late that fans should be excited to see is former Texas Longhorn cornerback Quandre Diggs.

Meeting with the media today, head coach Jim Caldwell was asked about Diggs, and offered the following assessment:

"Quick, learns well. You can just tell that he has natural intensity, which is all good."

Defensive coordinator Teryl Austin was a bit more loquacious in offering his positive early review of Diggs:

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"I like that guy. He’s scrappy, he’s tough, he’s got good ball skills, he’s got good football sense that I’ve seen so far. So, we’ll just see how once we get into pads, once we get him in game situations, but I think he’s got a great background. Obviously, he’s got a great resource in his brother in terms of how this game is played – What you do, what you need to do to be successful, so it looks like he’s used that. I’m pleased with where he is right now."

It would be nice if the resource Digg has in his brother, former NFL cornerback Quentin Jammer, pays off for the Lions. After all, the Lions selected Joey Harrington two picks before Jammer was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the 2002 NFL Draft. Jammer would go on to have a twelve year career while I don’t need to remind Lions fans how the Joey Harrington pick turned out for the Lions.

The Lions have shown a preference for long corners with sub-4.50 speed in the forty yard dash. He doesn’t have the measurables to compare to a player like Darius Slay, but Austin notes other attributes that could let Diggs succeed in the NFL.

"He’s not going to have the measurables that we like. He doesn’t have the length, he doesn’t have the height, but what he does have is a good understanding of football. He makes quick reactions, he has good eyes, good hands, good feet. That’s what you need as a defensive back."

His height might suggest he’s only an inside corner, but the Lions have already said they are going to work him on the outside as well. That puts a lot on the plate of a late-round rookie, but it also gives him more opportunities to impress. Diggs still has to earn his spot on the final roster but his tenacity, energy and knack for producing beyond his size give him a good shot to make the final 53.

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